Arts are a major instrument of social change, essential in building strong communities based on respect, connection and collaboration.
Through multimedia and arts productions, as well as facilitating access to artistic practices, Echoing Frog Projects encourages the development of imagination to support transformative outcomes.

Echoing Frog Projects is flexible to move with the flow of my and our imagination.
The frog is my spirit animal, a symbol of transformation. Being in and out of the water, it releases old energies and absorbs new ones. It's a catalyst for change.
Our actions have a ripple effect, they echo into the world, they have meaning and they have an impact. However big or small, the universe cares.

About me

How to introduce myself… What defines us really, I'm not sure. So maybe I'll just throw some qualifiers in the air, in no specific or meaningful order.

French. And Canadian. But not French Canadian.
Creative. And down to earth.
Passionate dancer.
Avid reader, though not as much as I used to or would like to.
Amateur writer. I write poetry, short stories, sometimes essays, and a novel someday. Maybe, hopefully, we'll see.
Voice actor.
Found a new interest and love for sound creation and podcasts.
Working in broadcast media, on the tech side. For now.
Already had many lives professionally speaking. Will probably have many more. All in cultural/artistic fields though.
Bilingual in French and English.
Learning Mandarin Chinese. Passionate about Chinese language, culture and history. Learning Chinese calligraphy, painting and poetry.
Love drawing, very bad at it.
Yoga practitioner.
Walk everywhere.
Nature lover. But not an outdoor person (I know it's odd).
Advocate for degrowth and sobriety, permaculture, social justice, anti-capitalism, and a bit, or very (depending on who you ask), annoying about it.

If you want a more professional introduction, visit linkedin and imdb.
Comprehensive professional portfolio coming soon...-ish.

Until recently, I was feeling bad for not settling into one specialty or job. I thought my constant need for change was a sign of a fear of commitment or even a sign of frivolity. That was until I discovered Emily Wapnick. Emily has written and talked extensively about what she calls the multipotentialites. Listening to her and reading on this made me realize that I had many callings that could evolve and change over time.

Let's connect

email: echoingfrog[at]gmail[dot]com

Digital presence disclaimer
I intend to use social media and internet as another storytelling tool/medium or to share really important moments in the life of the company, not necessarily as a marketing tool. If I have nothing to say or nothing interesting to share, I won't post anything. Which means there might be long periods of time when I don't post anything. Sobriety is key to our future, so let's start there.