Anne Daroussin

Originally from France, I moved to Vancouver in 2011

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Echoing Frog Projects is flexible to move with the flow of my imagination.

The frog is my spirit animal, a symbol of transformation. Being in and out of the water, it releases old energies and absorbs new ones. It's a catalyst for change.

I want to help build and support resilient communities, in all their amazing and rich diversity.

I've been working in the cultural sector my entire professional career. I started as a bookseller and have since been navigating Performing Arts, Film and Media for the past 12 years. I'm currently Switcher-Director for Radio-Canada and a voice actor. Past roles include:

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Until recently, I was feeling bad for not settling into one specialty or job. I thought my constant need for change was a sign of a fear of commitment or even a sign of frivolity. That was until I discovered Emily Wapnick. Emily has written and talked extensively about what she calls the multipotentialites. Listening to her and reading on this made me realize that I had many callings that could evolve and change over time.